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    Based on the xt:Commerce project, H.H.G. multistore the multistore variety, an online shop system (open source), which also most of the features of the basic version, connects a single administration of several different online stores.
    The multistore version thus has the property that the global and local settings of the various online stores in a point centralize and manage. For example, the possibility of products or categories is to integrate any number of online shops, and manage, similar to when the payment and shipping options, even the contents of the information pages (content pages such as terms, Imprint, Contact) are centrally Create and configure.

    In addition, other features have been integrated. The standard inventory now includes a customer wish list and the price spy.
    Administrative Interface, the Rechtesytem has been expanded and adapted to the administration groups.

    You can easily manage multiple online stores at the same time, Subshops rent and let as many online shops are working on a foundation.

    Basic functions of H.H.G. multistore
    Differences between H.H.G. multistore versions

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H.H.G. multistore CE 4.10.3