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    Let us consider we have a ready made store that required a lot of time to setup and then we want to make another similar store. Is it posssible to copy the ready made store and give it a new name, instead of setup from scratch? If yes what are the challenges and tasks to be completed in order for all things works perfectly?

    1. Supplier
    In back-end is possible to setup supplier.

    a) One field to fill is "Multiplier". I dont understand the meaning and purpose of this field even after consult dictionary. Can you please clarify me?

    b) What is the general purpose of the Supplier section? I see no connection of this information with front end or other module. Can you show me the use of supplier information ?

    c) After create a supplier then we have a button "MULTIIMPORT". I dont understand the use of this button! Is it used to import products and categories? If yes, where the products and categories must be found and in what format ? What about Headerfile?

    2. Administrator
    I see that I can add from back end the admin groups and rights groups. What about if I want to add new administrator? I suppose it is possible by hand directly in database in table ms_admin by adding customer_id and admin_group_id. Correct ?

    3. Setup new customer
    a) customer_id:
    I see that customer_id is not used for login, so what is the purpose of this data?
    If I want to insert a customer_id value, which value I insert? numerical value? how many character? How can I ensure that different customer have different id ?

    b) Options
    - disallowed payment methods: what values are available to insert here?
    - disallowed shipping methods: what values are available to insert here?
    - yes/no: what is the influence of yes/no ?

    I tested by copy all files and folders from original server and past them into the new server then point a domain to new server. I can delete the files for not interested stores in directory store_files, but all others files and folders need to be keeped. This way allow to use new server for some store, if original server is full.

    Currently there are many cloud solution that allow automatic vertical and horizontal scalling of file server and database server. But I would like to test HHG MULTISTORE with manual server scalling.
    If for example I create new server and place there the files of the original server, then I expect that it is needed some setup/configuration in order for all things to be syncronised with original server. The exactly files and folders that need to be placed in new server and the needed setup is what I want to clarify.

    The question is this: after mount in new server the /store_files/ with files of specific store, how the original server will find those files in new server?

    If I move all files of original server then it seems there is no problem because the relative paths between diferent folders and files are keeped. But I would like to move only the files related to specific store or stores.

    for example,if I have store1 in site_server1/store_files/store1 them I move such store to site_server2/store_files/store1 then the system in server1 will not find the store1 in server2, so I cannot manage front end and back end of store1 from server1.

    In fact, the problem I am looking the solution for is:
    If I have in one server the store1, store2, ..., storen, then if after some time thr server is full, it would be interesting if I can move some stores to other server, but be able to manage their front and back end from original server.
    What do you think?

    What you mean is, if my original server is server0, to move store1, store2 to server1, server2, respectively:
    - I move this folder /core to server1 and server2
    - I move these folders /store_files/1 and /store_files/2 to server1, server2 respectively
    - I configure database credentials if necessary in core/config/configure.php for server1 and server2

    Then I will able to manage front end and back end of store1 and store2 from domain associated to server0, correct?

    Ok, Manage login and permission for customers are understood.

    Now regarding the second part of this topic (move store folder to orher server), I need clarification.

    For example, the files for my stor1 is here: /public_html/site_mercuni/store_files/1 (I consider this as folder1)

    Currently when I type the store1 is displayed.

    If I move the folder1 to other server then what I need setup in order to open store1 when I type the url ?

    Initially I was able to acess with store1 as default.

    Then I added as domain for store2. Now I can open www.cibertraining which display store2. But, for, when I use admin credential defined during script installation I get error (ICON_ERROR WARNING: The entered e-mail address is not registered. Please try again).

    In addition, for, I get the following error when I try to opening it in browser

    Conclusion: I cannot use store1, I cannot use store2.

    How can I solve the problem without fresh reinstallation? Please help

    After installation it seems that the system deletes the files setup/ACTIVATE_INSTALLER
    setup/EXECUTE_SETUP so I have to upload fresh ones and reinstall the script.

    I was not able to reset the previous installed script even after clear browser cache and session and cookies, and restart server.

    The script seems too much hard coded in such a way that it is not recommended to touch the code.

    Are there any running multistore websites based on this script ?

    I realize that the software is very restrictive. Any update for testing purpose result in error and if edited code is reset as original then error persists.

    Case1: reinstall based on uploaded file

    After install the script, if anything go wrong and I want to reinstall, how can I reuse the uploaded file to reintall, instead of upload fresh files ?

    Case2: edit the files in /public_html/site_mercuni/store_files/dummy
    After edit files in dummy folder I try to create new store. The store was not created and now I cannot access previous created store and also cannot access admin section, even after replace the dummy folder with original files. Is there a way to solve this problem without new installation?

    a) Is it possible to setup various domains, each one pointing to specific store added in single installation?
    For example, for one single instalation of HHG EE, create store1, store2, then setup to point to store1, to pint to store2, and so on.

    b) is it possible to move different stores created in one installation to different servers?
    For example, for one single instalation of HHG EE, create store1, store2, then move store1 to server1, move store2 to server2, and so on.

    I awould appreciate clarification on those topics.

    Due to many testing by inserting and deleting data, some tables have complex data so I cleaned the table customers_status.

    So, when I try to add new customer_group (Test1) then no data is displayed in page (see file1) but the data is inserted in database (see file2).

    Regarding the table object_to_store, please see the result of query SELECT * FROM `object_to_store` WHERE `object_type_id` =7 (file3)

    I expect that the code for display data in page need to be updated.

    Please check the problem.