Now new H.H.G. multistore Exclusive Edition

  • H.H.G. multistore Exclusive Edition is the perfection of recent H.H.G. multistore versions. After a complete re-engineering and rewrite of the existing software, we want to offer to an exclusive circle the advantages of standard software and the benefits of custom software, enable with our new modular shop system perfection for daily trading.

    Our eCommerce shoppıng system H.H.G. multistore Exclusive Edition has been newly redeveloped wıth the latest software architecture based on the server-side interpreted scripting language PHP 7, the component-oriented frameworks Zend Framework 2, the current version of Hypertext Markup Language HTML5, the client-side JavaScript web framework AngularJS and last but not least the application-oriented package manager Composer. With a minimal core it offers the flexibility to supply the appropriate solution for each application use. With well over 100 modules that represent the functionality of the previous versions and steadily growing number of extensions you can compose your individual system.

    With the perfect template based eCommerce shopping cart system you can determine to the smallest detail how your software has to look like. From frontend up to the backend allows each module customizations and expanding functions to your personal preferences. Our goal is to provide software for the user, rather than to force the operation of a software by the user.

    Let up today to create an individual offer for a tailor-made solution for your company. We look forward to your inquiry.

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