Adding a button BUY to Slave Product in Master Products view.

  • Helo.

    I just buy and try on local host HHG fork. Most interesting addons for My is Master /Slve products. And with that I got couple questions:

    It is possible: in Master product view with couple of Slave product listing add buttons IN CART to every Slave products instead of radio button (slave_products_display.html) ?

    Why ? Becouse if in example Master products is Photo Background with all description and specification and Slave products are only available Colors of that Photo Background product then I dont need that the customer had the possibility of entering into a separate product / page which is the page of the product slave.

    I just need add button ADD TO CART for every Slave Product displayed in Master Product view - Its Possible ?

    Why i just dont use attributes for that ? Becouse if I use Slave Products - that products has own stock and I can easier integrate / update, stock level / quantinty with local / desktop software.

  • You could create the BuyNow Button in the Slave Listing Template like this

    Smarty: store_files/n/themes/YOUR_THEME/modules/option_product_template/slave_products_display.html
    1. <a id="product_listing_buy_now_{$module_data->data.products_id}" class="buy_now button" title="{#button_buy_now#}" href="{$module_data->getBuyNowButton($module_data->data.products_id, $module_data->data.products_name, $module_data->data.products_fsk18)}">{#button_buy_now#}</a>