Access HHG multistore from different websites

  • Hi,

    I am having two websites (Web1, Web2) in two different IPs and HHG shopping cart in another IP. I added Web1 and Web2 as new stores. Also added store domain under each stores.

    When i tried to redirect from Web 1 and Web 2, I am getting the Web 1 articles for both. Web 2 is not showing the list I created. Maybe I am doing wrong method. I have a php file in the Web2/shop folder.

    Please let me know if somebody can solve this.


  • You've to setup both domains to the same webspace root, so if you call both domain paths it should show the same file, e.g. the



    in root folder of H.H.G. multistore. You can't redirect them. Domain names have to be in the environment variable

    1. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']