Add link to category to open a store

  • I would like to be able to add link to any category or subcategory at any level that, when selected, open a specific store . Any help/guide is welcome.

  • As far as the set sub-/domain is in the uri, appropriate store will be shown automatically.

  • In fact when user type in the browser the url


    , the store is opened. But what about if I have more that one store? Currently user need to know the url of each store and type it in the browser, which seems tedious.

    If for each single store is possible to add dropdown menu with link to store1, store2, and so on, it would be interesting.

    Use of existing feature to make multiple level dropdown menu and make a little change to add link to store url would be interesting. If not possible or is complex, other possible way may be add new template that allow edit dropdown menu and place it in specific section of the store front end.

    What do you think?

  • Named Stores Box, aka "Offerer overview", see:
    H.H.G. multistore demo - mall setup

    Enter Store IDs in:


    Admin => Configuration => Store Default => Shoppingmalls

    semicolon seperated, beware of setting semicolon at the end

  • I added in field for shoppingmalls the data: 1; 2 for store1 and store2. This way I have available link to store2 from store1 but when I am in store2 I see link to store2 and not to store1 as needed.

    If I add 1; 2; with semicolor also at end I get error:

    I see that better solution for me is be able to add in top of front end a dropdown menu based on new page or template. For example if I can add a new .php page with ready made dropdown menu it would be interesting. For example if I can use something like this

    1. <?php include('dropdownmenu.php'); ?>

    , where the page dropdownmenu.php have the dropdown menu, it would be interesting. What do you think?

  • I wrote beware of setting a semicolon at the end, so don't set an semicolon at the end.

    We use the template engine Smarty, so code and template is divided in two parts, see box example: