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  • With the languages it is a bit tricky...

    It is aLOT of work to prepare the database tabels for the new language...

    But i am so bussy with the database that i possibly did something wrong.

    I delete the group visitors (gast) in the admin panel (adminbereich)

    Next thing was my first language in this case dutch (whitch i added today)

    ex: http://www.mysite.com/index.php?language=nl -> Invalid address: Leider ist ein Fehler beim Aufruf unserer Webseite aufgetreten.
    Bitte versuchen Sie es später noch einmal....

    I added the group back in the database, refreshed the database in the admin, but it doesn't show up anymore.

    It remains in database at position 2 , and Dutch language keep getting error.

    Anyone care to help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Beste tomale,

    een Nederlander die geen duits kan? Maar lezen toch wel... :)
    Sorry maar ik probeer verder in het Engels anders bestaat er geen mogelijkheid voor de anderen te antwoorden... ;)

    Do you make an backup from the database?
    Do you have already articles in your database?

    First of all make an backup of your actual database...

    The complete original install database you will find in the setup folder.
    I should import the original database file "multistore.sql" from setup folder and then try to import the database tables you have already inserted, such as configuration tables, and products tables.

    If you received the error "Leider....", do you get an email from the system?



  • Hey,

    Leuk eindelijk een nederlander aan de lijn.

    Also....not a complete new database....it must be easier...

    This is what i recieved in my mail:

    Thanks :thumbsup:

  • The system should be more easy in terms of adding languages, there are so many positions in the databse to edit.

    Isn't there a php script what can do this...or has sombody already written this? Please contact me.

  • Beste tomale,

    try to insert the "group_permission_1" table because this one is missing:
    Unknown column 'c.group_permission_1'

    Otherwise try to recreate the complete group "Guest" (Gast) from the original one...
    You have deleted the group "Guest" (Gast) but this group is the "default" group.

    If you don´t want a guest in your shop you can set the guest account to "no store" that´s it.
    Don´t delete it anymore... :)



  • It is right easy to insert a new language, but if you delete default customers groups, its not very pretty :whistling: