H.H.G. multistore version comparison

Function H.H.G. multistore CE
H.H.G. multistore CE
H.H.G. multistore EE
H.H.G. multistore EE
Price spy
Extended rights management
Administrator groups
Double Opt-In Login (after a certain number of failed attempts)
Unlimited numbers of shops
Unlimited shop structure (Subshop for Subshops)
Separate shipping modules
Separate payment modules
Separate email templates
Separate or shared configuration
Separate or shared templates
Separate or shared customers
Separate or shared carts
Categories can be assigned multiple stores
Products can be assigned multiple stores
Manufacturers assignable to several shops
Customers assignable to several shops
Content pages can be assigned multiple stores
Common or different prices per store
Admin level for multiple store operators in a system
Operation of any number of shopping malls
Admin area with tabs
Admin area with Smarty template engine
Extended filtering options in the product listing
Unsold carts
Extended import/export functions
Product testing for missing features
AdoDB layer for database independence
Mail templates editable in admin area
xHTML strict validated responsive CSS template with em size information
AccessKey Keypad Navigation
6 different cart dimensions
Multiple content allocation for checkout
Multiple content allocation for the account creation
Intelligent contact form with spam protection and VVC (captcha) at entry by Bot / probable spam
Smart newsletter form with spam protection and VVC (captcha) at entry by Bot / probable spam
Intelligent password forgotten form with spam protection and VVC (captcha) at entry by Bot / probable spam
CSS based popup system
SSEQ-LIB inputfilter (PHP Application and Website Defense)
TagCloud generation via search results
Publication periods for products, categories, content (activation / deactivation periods)
Categories based product filter
Search engine friendly URLs (Product name, category name, content name in Path)
Automatic, alternating, metatags
- including stop-and-go Words
Automatic sitemap generation
- including search engine ping
- including sitemap splitting by large files
- including sitemap sitemap generation
Master / slave products (attribute management)
Automatic resizing of category images to default size
Automatic resizing of manufacturer images to default size
Language selection in admin area
Flush cache function in admin area
Optimize database function in admin area
RMA processing
Banner Manager
Downloadable products
Wish & Donate (Wish list)
MultiImport (Flexible import function with assignable fields including automated cronjob)
Voucher function
Graduated prices
Automatic dispatch of terms and conditions as PDF e-mail attachment
New search index based, faster, fuzzy search
GeoIP localization to indicate the correct tax rates for guests
Installation support for 12 Months
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