Shop owner with several online shops

Of course, the development of a product such as the H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition is not going to pass this area. Whether store owner with several online stores, wholesalers and/or large portals, these are the real target group for which the H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition has been developed.

Nevertheless, despite these will also apply in a particular shop operator segment. Remain unused in this case, many innovative features.

The H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition provides for this area, just like for the wholesalers and big portal operators, a wealth of new sales and marketing opportunities. In addition come the improved handling and restructured operations to save the users and operators a bunch of time.

An eCommerce shopping mall is just as feasible as the merger of several shop systems to centralize operations. True to the One-stop principle is the possibility givven to manage, organize or reorganize several shops with the H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition and thus provide a common user interface across all stores. An innovation that seeks his peer.