Portal operators

Major portal operators are with the wholesalers the real beneficiaries of the capabilities of the H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition. The new structure of operations and the centralized control surfaces, allows operators of H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition to improve their situation in future, optimize decisive operations seriously, whether in the area of order processing or customer, dealer and/or product management. Even setting up your own shopping mall is no longer just a dream.

The H.H.G. multistore Enterprise Edition allows you to  increase your B2B and B2C business  in your company and make it more effective, for example through the possibility to use a product base in multiple shop systems with no extra effort, major intensive processes can be reduced up to 95%. Only one of many new progresses for the operative groups.Also obtained for the future possibility of this ultra-scalable system to build up with any number of sub- and subsubshops, a global distribution network.

A development that seeks his peers in the field of eCommerce.