Basic functions of H.H.G. multistore Shopsoftware

Technology (v4.x.x)

  • Opensource
  • from PHP 5
  • MySQL as powerful database
  • Maximum flexibility through a template system (Smarty template engine)
  • System Code (Core) is seperated from layout with a template engine, layout changes can be made simply and the core will continue to be updatable independently of the layout, without renewing the layout for each update.
  • SQL caching, by SQL caching database queries can be minimized and the performance of the system can be increased.
  • SSL connection for sensitive data (requires an SSL certificate / proxy)
  • AdoDB layer for database independence
  • SSEQ-LIB inputfilter (PHP Application and Website Defense)

Functional features of H.H.G. multistore (General / Installation)

  • Easy installation via web interface
  • Any currency settings (several currencies parallel possible)
  • Unlimited number of categories, category depth and products
  • Assortment of category / products for each category freely selectable
  • Setting a product in as many categories with simple linking
  • Control of products on the home page
  • Creation of several administrators with different rights
  • Multiple tax zones definable
  • Blocking of shipping / payment modules for customer groups or individual customers
  • Double Opt-In Log (after a certain number of failed attempts)
  • AccessKey keypad navigation
  • Intelligent contact form with spam protection and VVC (captcha) at entry by Bot / probable spam
  • Smart newsletter form with spam protection and VVC (captcha) at entry by Bot / probable spam
  • Intelligent password forgotten form with spam protection and VVC (captcha) at entry by Bot / probable spam
  • Search engine friendly URLs like the following:
  • Automatic, alternating, metatags (including stop-and-go Words)
  • Automatic sitemap generation
    • including search engine ping
    • including sitemap splitting by large files
    • including sitemap sitemap generation

Functionality of H.H.G. multistore (product and category features)

  • Unlimited number of categories and products
  • Use of different layouts for each category and each product
  • Special Offers (sales function)
  • Weight for shipping calculation
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails by the shop
  • Free number of pictures per product
  • A unique pricing system, customer group prices, graduated prices according to customer groups
  • Right system for products and categories (depending on individual customer groups)
  • WYSIWYG editor for product and category descriptions, etc.
  • Adult product / customer groups
  • Wish list
  • Price Spy
  • Extended filtering options in the product listing
  • TagCloud generation via search results

Functionality of H.H.G. multistore (Administration)

  • All settings can be made through the admin interface.
  • Import / Export function for products in csv format
  • Content management system, H.H.G. multistore has a small CMS with which own pages can be easily added
  • Customer management, order management, creation of customers online manageable
  • Statistic functions with export function (sales, etc.)
  • Access control list (ACL) (view / new / edit / delete)
  • Role system (different administrators and administrative rights groups can be defined)
  • Product testing for missing features

Integrated payment modules

  • Cash
  • Cash on delivery
  • Advance
  • Invoice
  • Direct debit

Integrated shipping modules

  • Advance
  • Cash on delivery
  • Austrian Post
  • Swiss Post
  • DHL Austria
  • German Post Worldnet
  • UPS
  • Flat shipping
  • Shipping costs by number of pieces
  • Pickup
  • Tabulated shipping (graduation selectable)
  • Shipping costs by zones

Functionality of H.H.G. multistore (templates - layout management)

  • Layout and code system separated
  • xHTML strict validated responsive CSS template with em size information
  • Complete layout of HTML templates, editable with e.g. Dreamwaever etc.
  • Different templates for individual products and categories
  • Templates for HTML/TXT mails are easily editable in admin area
  • Active Caching (The shop system creates HTML files, which minimize the database access)
  • Backend design (administration area) is also customizable
  • CSS based popup system

Functionality of H.H.G. multistore (Marketing - Customer Functions)

  • Customer groups, B2B/B2C possible in a shop, by separate control settings per customer group
  • Input option for the customer VAT-ID, validation by Store or Gateway
  • Newsletter system (application by double-opt in)
  • Send / purchase of coupons possible
  • Possibility to start coupon promotions (customer can enter a coupon code and get discounts or receive benefits)
  • Analysis of turnover and orders
  • Orders can be edited (add products, change of prices)
  • Campaign module for analysis of different marketing channels
  • Cross-marketing / reverse cross-marketing module
  • Unsoldcarts (display open baskets of customers)

Functional Features of H.H.G. multistore (Multi-Store features)

  • Unlimited number stores
  • Unlimited shop structure (Subshops for Subshop)
  • Separate shipping modules
  • Separate payment modules
  • Separate email templates
  • Separate or shared configuration
  • Separate or shared templates
  • Separate or shared customers
  • Separate or shared carts
    • Separate cart per store, each with separate sessions (Mallclient)
    • Separate cart per store with open session or shopping together per store (Mallclient)
    • Separate cart per owner, each with separate sessions (Mallclient)
    • Separate cart per owner with open session or shopping together per owner (Mallclient)
    • Cart together (Mallclient)
    • Cart separate (single stores)
  • Categories can be assigned multiple stores
  • Products can be assigned multiple stores
  • Manufacturers assignable to several shops
  • Customers assignable to several shops
  • Content pages can be assigned multiple stores
  • Multiple content allocation for checkout and conditions including revocation query as a duty on and off
  • Multiple content allocation for the account creation including privacy notice query as a duty on and off
  • Common or different prices per store
  • Admin level for multiple store operators in a system
  • Operation of any number of shopping malls

System requirements of H.H.G. multistore

  • >PHP 5 (recommended >5.3.0)
  • register_globals off
  • safe_mode off
  • cURL library
  • MySQL database from >3.23.xx (recommended MySQL5)
  • GDlib with gif Support
  • Domain alias or similar possibility to set multiple domains to one directory, the distinction is done over $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']

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