• Advantages of a roofing panel made of polyisocyanurate (PIR)

  • PIR foam has been successfully used in the world for almost 50 years.
    In our country, this is a relatively new material, and its use is not very common.
    However, if we are aware of how many advantages are polyisocyanoratic roofing panels, this may turn out to be a very good solution. Learn about their advantages and why you should look at them.
    [h3] light, modern and fireproof [/h3]
    PIR foam, used, among other things, in roofing panels, has special chemical properties. This is modern material obtained as a result of many years of research. Penopolyazocyanurate is characterized by high thermal insulation. Provides low heat loss. It is resistant to stretching and compression, which ensures the stability of the size of the plates in which it is used. It is also characterized by low water absorption - about 2%. All due to the fact that 90% of PIR foam cells are closed. Penopolyazocyanurate is relatively easy, especially in combination with traditional insulating materials such as mineral wool. However, the most important advantage is that compared to PUR foam, PIR foam provides much greater fire safety. It has a higher heat resistance and a lower degree of ignitability. GR-stal compliance.
    [h3] Old and new buildings [/h3]
    The unique properties of PIR foam are expressed in numerous advantages of roofing panels. They are light and simple in installation, which reduces the weight of the entire roof structure. They can be successfully used not only in new buildings, but also for thermal insulation of existing structures. They are resistant to pressure and are very elastic, so they are not deformed, for example, when cleaning snow from the roof, at extremely low and extremely high temperatures or in other situations. They have the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity among all thermal insulation materials presented on the market. In practice, this means that the Piron can be much thinner than, for example, a layer of mineral wool or polystyrene foam, while maintaining the same insulation parameters. The roof of PIR panels has high energy efficiency. The slabs themselves correspond to the highest European standards for building materials, including from the point of view of fire safety. It should be expected that in the near future, roofing panels made of polyisocyanurate will be used more and more often, and thus, their technology will improve even more, and the cost of production and purchase will decrease. If you are bored at the computer, the Cat no deposit bonus will help brighten up your leisure time. Just enter the right promo code when registering!