• How to fill the floor screed with your own hands

  • The flooring can only be laid on a reliable and well -leveled base. Previously, the owners had to align the surface of the floor using an ordinary cement-sand mortar. Now this material has a good alternative - a self -leveling mixture based on polymers. True, in order for the material to show its own best characteristics, it should be treated correctly. How to fill the screed using such a composition? Preparation of the surface for laying the screed of preparatory work depends on a lot. Therefore, first you need to remove the facing coating, which was laid on the floor earlier. If there is already a screed under it, it will also need to be dismantled. Can be possible, there are cracks or large damage on the floor plate. Then they need to get rid of them using the usual concrete composition. After the applied mixture dries, the surface is covered with a primer. Along the perimeter of the room, it is also necessary to install a dampfer tape, which will take part of the loads from the screed. Pouring a self -leveling solution on a slanting work is performed in a small area, you can fill the floor without installing the beacons. But, if the repair is carried out in a spacious room, it is better to first place guide profiles on the floor, setting them according to level indicators. The self -leveling mixture is prepared according to the instructions immediately in such a volume so that the entire surface can be poured. The screed should turn out to be a thickness of about 2-5 cm. All surface area is poured immediately, since even with minor breaks there may remain cracks in the resulting screed. Accordingly, the layer will collapse quickly. When the floor is flooded with a solution, a spiked roller passes along it, since air bubbles can remain in the layer. Having completed such treatment, the solution is smoothed using the rule. A board with a smooth facet will also get in the role of it. A self -leveling of a smooth advantage of mixtures of this type is their rapid drying. A properly flooded screed will gain strength in a week. During this time, it must be shed a couple of times with water so that the drying happens as evenly as possible. Sometimes, grinding the remaining irregularities. And before laying the floor covering on the adhesive composition, such a screed will be primed. It will be released reliable, durable and spectacular outwardly. And, which is also important, for this you will not need too much effort. Данная букмекерская контора предоставляет несколько их вариантов. скачать мостбет Букмекерская компания Mostbet объявила о начале сотрудничества с легендарным футболистом Франческо Тотти.