• How to get rid of ants in the apartment?

  • The appearance of insects in the house is at least unpleasant. Especially if these are ants. These seemingly innocuous "kids" can settle in food, in a closet with clothing, inside household appliances. Detect their place of residence is quite difficult, because, they carefully hide their "houses". In the apartment there may be ants of any color - red, brown, black. It is quite difficult to bring them yourself. But, if you use various additional means, then you will handle the task.

    Take the Muravyev

    Try to find a place where an anthill is located. After all, it is in him that the uterus is. To destroy the colony, it is necessary to get rid of it. Trace where the ant path is moving. If the "house" is located in the apartment, then it needs to be collected and throw out to the street, away from residential buildings. After getting rid of most insects, you can move to the fight against the remaining.

    The easiest way is it, of course, to use "dichlofos" or the substances similar to it. They need to be used in accordance with the instructions that are attached to each medium.

    If you are an opponent of purchased chemistry, then use the people in the fight against ants. Take the leaves and branches of various plants that scare these insects. It can be wormwood, rhubarb, tomato, eucalyptus, lavender. They also do not like garlic, bay leaf, tobacco, lemon crusts and orange. It is desirable that all plants are fresh. In this form, they smell more saturated than in dry.

    From simple facilities you can make poisonous and dangerous to the treats. For example, dig a boric acid powder in water so that it turns out a thick mixture and mix it with sugar. Or take raw yeast, honey and sugar in equal proportions. Make from this bait and put it in places of accumulation of ants.

    It is not difficult to cope with single insects if the uterus is already destroyed. But, sometimes, ants build their nests in ventilation mines and it is impossible to get to them. In this case, you can contact the firm specializing in the destruction of insects. After employees do them, you need to progress and attach some frightening plants to the ventilation lattice. You can also wipe it with vinegar, it also does not like ants.

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