• Eurojackpot is a service designed to play the Eurojackpot lottery

  • Eurojackpot lottery has been on the gambling market since 2012. It was created based on the European lottery Euromillions, after the great success and popularity of the latter. Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland, and the Netherlands signed the agreement to launch the Euromillions lottery from the very beginning.

    Gradually almost all EU countries joined in. Tickets can be purchased in these countries. The service offers its services for the legal sale of tickets online. Drawings of the tickets are held on Fridays (every week). Service offers its services to users on all continents and with withdrawals to online wallets and bank cards around the world.


    The official website eurojackpot provides the opportunity to take part online in the drawing of one of the largest lotteries Eurojackpot. On the site, you can pick combinations of numbers and make payments (buy tickets). With the help of the service, you can withdraw the won money to online wallets and bank cards around the world.

    The task of the player is to guess the maximum number of numbers out of 7 possible numbers. To do this, you have to choose 5 main numbers (1 - 50) and 2 additional Euro numbers (1 - 10).

    If the player guesses all 7 numbers, he wins the EuroJackpot. The top prize is €90 million. In addition to the top prize in the EuroJackpot, 11 other winning levels offer prizes ranging from €8 to a million.

    The Eurojackpot lottery algorithm:

    • go to the eurojackpot review page;
    • Select 5 numbers from 1 to 50;
    • Choose 2 additional Euro numbers from 1 to 10;
    • Make a payment;
    • wait for the drawing results on the official website through the link above;
    • Receive your winnings on the account you paid from on the official eurojackpot website.

    The draw takes place every Friday of every week. The game takes place in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The lottery is broadcast online by many TV stations. Draw results are published immediately on the website.

    Advantages and Differences

    The Eurojackpot´s main advantage is that it has a maximum jackpot of €90 million, compared to €190 million for the EuroMillions. This means that the chance of winning is more than twice as high. The advantage is also the presence in the lottery of eleven winning levels. The percentage ratio of winnings increases with decreasing the amount of the prize. But even small rewards stimulate interest in the game and stimulate further participation in the hope of winning the jackpot.

    When you buy Eurojackpot tickets online from the official Eurojackpot page, all winnings are transferred in a lump sum, and taxes are not deducted from the player.

    Feedback from players on the Internet about the service

    Players who have used the site to play the Eurojackpot lottery, note the convenient and accessible, easy to use, functionality. Instant processing of requests to purchase tickets. Quick and detailed publication of the results of draws. Also, note a good percentage of wins. Fast, simultaneous withdrawal of won funds to online wallet accounts or bank cards after the draw. No commission.

    How to play EuroJackpot online

    Playing the EuroJackpot lottery via LottoHoy is very easy. You just have to do the following steps:

    • Go to the EuroJackpot game page;
    • Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 50;
    • Choose 2 numbers from 1 to 10;
    • Make your payment;
    • Become a Millionaire!

    When are the drawings of E EuroJackpot

    EuroJackpot draws every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 GTM in Helsinki. Many countries broadcast the show live, and other countries, such as Spain, broadcast the lottery on television on Fridays from 10:15 pm.

    Can I play the EuroJackpot?

    With LottoHoy, everyone can play the EuroJackpot. We offer our services to users all over the world and with a wide variety of payment methods. The only requirement is that you are over the age of 18 (the legal age to play the lottery).

    Chances of winning a prize at EuroJackpot

    We have analyzed the actual probability of winning in each category. You can also see the % of the amount for specific prizes and the approximate prize pool for each category.

    EuroJackpot Lottery Worldwide

    EuroJackpot has been running since 2012 and has 17 European countries participating. The lottery is held every Friday and you can buy your tickets online with us.