• Cricket season Top Class 2022 Excelsior'20 has a new format

  • Cricket season Top Class 2022 Excelsior'20 has a new format

    The cricketers of Excelsior'20, playing in the highest cricket class, can prepare for an exciting season in a new format. We are working hard in the preparation, admits captain Tom Heggelman, and plan to go for the prizes again.

    Season 2021 was one to forget quickly. The Schiedammers with the many title and successes could only rarely charm the loyal public. To see the last season, please click here http://cricketbetting10.in/.
    Moreover, the team was often manhandled by players on vacation and injured players. This was hardly ever the case in previous years. The easy absence was of course also connected with the disappointing results.

    Immediately after the season, a firm evaluation took place, and hopefully, discipline was tightened considerably. In that, Jake Needham, the new performance coach, immediately made a big point. The freshly recruited coach, who once played for England U19 followed by many professional years, has tightened the vices of the cricket selection considerably. Time is time, so don't be late.

    The 2022 cricket season will have a completely new format. The 12 clubs of the Top Class are divided into two pools of 6. The top 3 at the end will meet in a new pool and play for the Dutch Championship, which will probably be decided after 10 games. The numbers 4, 5, and 6 of the two starting poules play for retention.

    The lowest can still escape relegation. The 'champion' of the Premier League plays against the lower one. The winner of this match will play in the Topklasse in 2023.
    The pool in which the Thurlede team will play consists of: VCC Voorburg, VRA, VOC, Salland, Excelsior'20 (all clubs with a grasswicket) and Dosti.

    We will play 9 games on a grass pitch, Tom Heggelman looks ahead,  and that is the best thing there is. The selection has remained intact, though with Brett Hampton returning. We're going for the prizes again, we owe it to ourselves. Especially after last year's disaster season.

    On April 23, the first ball of the season is bowled. The match will be broadcast on the website offcourse.in. A real showdown with VCC awaits. The following week, April 30, a visit to VRA awaits. The T20-competition is also played in June and July. There are no regional poules, the KNCB has drawn lots to create the poules. Excelsior'20 will play in the preliminary round pool with VCC, Centurions, and Kampong. If a club plays a home game, it is possible that two games will be fought immediately.