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  • HHGAG -

    Replied to the thread Add new language.

    Hi there, you can sign up at: and send a request to join the vietnames language group, there are all actual language files in translation handy format to translate.
  • hoangvantruong92 -

    Posted a new thread: Add new language

    Hi U. I want to translate default language of HHG to vietnames. so can you tell me where is the language file ? thank u
  • HHGAG -

    Replied to the thread Installation of hhg-multistore in my server.

    This can be caused by a few events: - PHP version smaller than 5.3 - Permission settings are due server configuration to high, mostly caused by 777 chmod settings. - other issues Could you look at the Quote: “error.log ” of the web server or…
  • sim -

    Posted a new thread: Installation of hhg-multistore in my server

    Hi, why after I upload hhg-multistore CE version 4.10.0 to my server , it show this error.