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Our software is the result of several negative results of the past from the eCommerce sector everyday. Problems, such as centralized management of multiple shop systems or optimization of various processes, from product maintenance through to final presentation, were built as a basis for the development of the open source online shop system.

Based on new work process structuring, establishment of central control surfaces and not least by the many years of experience in this area, we were able to resolve many of these problems and to develop the Enterprise Edition as a multishop software, that resolves a wealth of operating and functional defects of various shop systems and let them belong to the past.

Overviewable, clearly structured user- and operator-friendly operation are the result. Professional workflows are the resulting consequences.

Immerse yourself in the new world of eCommerce and discover also many new opportunities for success and hands-on working with the World Wide Web.

H.H.G. multistore EE H.H.G. multistore EE
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H.H.G. multistore CE H.H.G. multistore CE

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