Welcome to H.H.G. multistore Shopsoftware - Open Source Shop System for PHP / MySQL

As one of the first professional forks of the popular xt:Commerce GPL system, from the series based on osCommerce PHP MySQL shopping carts, we would like to present H.H.G. multistore. With this online shop we offer to you, that perhaps most advanced open source shop system with extensive multistore functionality on the market.

With our shop system have small, medium and large businesses a powerful multistore technology for the ambitious operation of a modern webshop.

We use the current trend from single- to multistore - store systems, since first version released in 2005 with growing success.

We foresaw this trend and can now offer a stable, highly scalable GPL cart system at high standard in multidimensional selling needs with ideal performance.

PHP programmer and experts in the open source community know exactly what they must think of our advanced GPL online store. They use at  implementation of online shops in exclusive client projects on the superior flexibility of our GPL shop system. Professionals know that a good line to customer service are important particularly, when the individual shop software extensions developed in PHP or GPL modules available to be implemented in a shop system.

Dealers rely on solid performance and reliability of the H.H.G. multistore especially under the prevailing security requirements in the online store industry.

Put your selection on GPL, Open Source and PHP / Mysql, just like us.

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H.H.G. multistore - new updates available

Dear customers / partners / community members,

it is now time again, there are new updates available for all versions, so these are the latest supported revisions:
  • H.H.G. multistore CE (4.5.0)
  • H.H.G. multistore EE (4.5.0)

Changes to the previous version is available as usual in the directory:

Actual changes:
H.H.G. multistore CE 4.5.0 released
H.H.G. multistore EE 4.5.0 released


Your H.H.G. multistore TEAM

P.S.: APS package has been also updated: H.H.G. multistore CE APS